important UPDATES


    A few announcements for our church family regarding the church’s operation and opportunities for ministry.

    • The office will be closed and there will be no church activities for the next 15 days.  We will tentatively re-open offices and resume church activities on Wednesday, April 1 depending on the recommendations of Emergency Services.  Please join us for our live stream of our Sunday service at 11:00am.  It can be accessed through going to
    • Our goal is always to be a church without needs.  If you have any pressing needs during this time I  please call the church number and it will be forwarded to our staff.  We are aiming to help those who are particularly susceptible to exposure by running errands such as picking up food, prescriptions or any other needs.  Please do not hesitate to let us know of any needs you have.
    • We cannot continue to operate as a church without your financial support.  The fact that we are not meeting together makes this difficult.  To continue supporting our church you can mail your giving to the church or drop it off at the church drop box by the double office doors.  We are also in the process of setting up online giving and will make more information about that available as soon as we know more.
    • We have the We Care signs that were mentioned during the Sunday service at the church for you to pick up.  These signs are intended to show our county that those who live at the houses displaying these signs are praying about the current situation and are aiming to help.  We hope these signs will show unity and give encouragement to those who see God’s people banded together to meet needs.  You can pick up a sign outside of the church office.  If you would like to offset the cost you can leave $7.50 in the drop box by the office doors.  If you are not able to off-set the cost but would like a sign please feel free to take one.
    • Please also be checking for information regarding our county’s response to the COVID-19 situation.  At this website, under “Help and Prayer” on the menu at the top of the page you can indicate the ways that you can individually help based on your resources and skills.  Those with the county’s emergency services as well as cooperating churches can then reach out to you to inform you of ways you can help.  Some of those ways include:
      • Call Center (at the EOC)
        • 5-8 pm today 3/18 (2)
        • 8a-5p tomorrow 3/19 (1)
        • 5-8 pm tomorrow 3/19 (3)
        • 8a-5pm Friday 3/20 (1)
        • 5-8 pm Friday 3/20 (2)
        • 8a-5pm Saturday (4)
        • 5-8 pm Saturday (4)
      • Food Distribution to Senior Adults
        • We will know specifics this afternoon. We need drivers to deliver boxes of food (being prepared at Grace today) for senior adults who normally eat at our senior centers.
      • Medical Personnel
        • If you know someone who is an RN, PA, NP, DO, or MD and would be willing to serve if needed.

    If you can help in any of the above ways please contact our church staff by calling the office number or reach out to