Is the steeple past the point of patching?

It can be patched it but the work won’t be guaranteed. If we have the full repair project done it will come with a guarantee.  It will have to be fixed sooner than later so patching it will cost us more in the end.  

How can we fund this project?

There was a number of options suggested at the meeting to discuss funding this project including loans and fundraising.  The only option that seems feasible is to take the money from the mission/ministry fund.

Who much is the project?

The price is $63,850.  This is the price is to fix everything wrong and correct the leaks.  This price is less than the quote 10-12 years ago to replace/fix the steeple then.  At the time it would be about $75,000.

Is the price firm or will it potentially change? 

It is a turnkey price for the scope we have. If the company finds some terrible concealed damage it could change but that is very unlikely to be an issue.  They have said that such a situation has never happened to them before.